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Once again, an ultra pop theme: after working on Instagram images and photographs from fashion magazines, Nuuco has decided to rest his gaze (literally) on images taken from the universally known

Personal Project

Prozak, Madrid (ES)

April, 2018

Photos by Nuuco

pornography site You Porn, and is now in the act of penetrating – with his art – every expression of popular culture, and understanding the connections and interactions between individuals and mass society. The photographs in Human Seduction are a series of screenshots of hard porn videos, in which Nuuco never lingers on what is purely pornographic or on explicit representations of sexual subjects, but focuses on the erotic action of the gaze – the true protagonist of the work which rests on bodily intimacy, in a sensual and almost evanescent evocation of flesh. Nuuco’s interest is not in arousing the viewer’s sexual desires (so much so that the realism of the details, which is fundamental in pornography, is altered by hand-drawn sketches made by the artist above the images), as well as focusing attention on the person who is watching the videos, who is also depicted in the work by a hole in the transparent film fixed above the images, a symbol of the human eye or perhaps even a webcam. From this keyhole, which is very similar to a lens, like Sherlock Holmes, Nuuco becomes an artist/voyeur who is capable of unveiling the invisible boundaries between people. To the objectification of pornography – which makes the subjects who are represented mere sexual instruments lacking any importance and uniqueness – Nuuco contrasts the observing subject, who is hidden from a screen or from a webcam. With Human Seduction, Nuuco reveals not the bodies, but the solitary gaze of men, hidden behind the barriers of contemporary society so they never run the risk of meeting others. Photographing, posting, instagramming, masturbating, in the vain hope of interacting with each other. Try it for yourself. Indeed, look at it to become it.

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