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From the modernity in adelante, the trabajo de todo artist es el espejo de a recorrido crítico, biográfico, testimony of the proceso de búsqueda interior de una identidad propia, inequívoca, indiscutible.

Contemporary artistic production is almost always a tribute to the artist's individuality, his experiences, his world. When art already seems to have squeezed all its means and resources, the individuality of the message is what can still give it originality, so the search for an identity of its own is an increasingly arduous task, even more in the infinity of channels where anyone can build a character, see social networks.A project that perfectly expresses this concern is that of a young Italian artist based in London, Nuuco.

“Nuuco has worked for a year on the Be Free project, “with the purpose of discussing the material concept of contemporary photography, now half-democratic, with a reflexive analysis of the image, therefore artistic””

Be Free is a project of 30 photographic self-portraits that has involved, sending material by mail, more than 100 people: friends, acquaintances and strangers from all over Europe, who have manipulated the photographs and forwarded them to the artist, who in turn, After observing the interpretation of his image reflected in his own world, he has made them his own again by scanning and printing them again.

"The artist therefore discusses his identity: leaving" others "to confront his own image (and reflecting the image of the contemporary artist in general), he becomes a ready made himself, giving anyone the possibility of leaving the role of passive spectator of art and becoming an actor for all purposes ”.

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