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Of the interaction between the mass and the individual, between the social and the private, our artist speaks above all of it with the series of works "... with me": Nuuco uses the social tool par excellence in an innovative and poetic way, Instagram, and selects, collects and appropriates the life

Studio Scarioni  Angelucci

Fate bene fratelli, Milano (IT)

December, 2017

Photos by Nuuco

told in the images of some public figures that inspire it both intellectually and artistically. It does so with the images found in instagram by director Woody Allen, writer Roberto Saviano, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Instragram co-founder Kevin Systrom, artist AI Weiwei, the Uruguayan politician and head of state, famous for his cultural battle against social injustice, Pepe Mujica and other public figures chosen only with the intrigues of instinct and feeling. The artist, visually synthesized in his imprint left on a colored geometric shape that covers the face of the guests or the friends of these characters, wins the recognition of his ego in the parallel world of the social network, poetically imagining to weave his biography with the life of other intellectuals, poets and artists of his time. Nuuco creates in the social world, globalized as well as depersonalizing, new relationships and emotional ties, printed on a paper as fragile as the platform from which they come, image of today's massif society. The use of geometric shapes thus reassures him, gives him confidence, in a virtual reality that Nuuco considers completely uncertain. The art of Nuuco manages to transform instagram, the mirror of contemporary society in which only through the "Follow" button you can experience the deception of having another life, with other hopes and other dreams, from a unilateral showcase on a fictitious world with a physical work created with the aim of giving birth to new exchanges and social relations in the "real" reality. This series of ... with me could change in the future, should any of these public figures decide to denounce the artist: Nuuco, at that point, would break the image of the personaggo, also canceling his existence, as well as society, relentless, sometimes it does with ordinary people.

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